april 19, 2018

Techie levens genieter met een breed intresse gebied.

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  • Howto optimize Linux – SD card as rootfs

    he write performance of a SD card is a little bit different then using a conventional spinning disk under Linux. The main problem is that a SD card can not write data over existing data. So whenever it want to write something it has to delete the content of that section first. To add to…

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  • Initramfs support for Linux-ARM (Allwinner A10)

    f you use any of the ubuntu based distributions out there you might want to make use of  Initramfs support for the Allwinner A10. Using a initramfs solves a lot of errors related to boot profilers such as ureadahead. Secondly you are able to load kernel modules soon in the boot process, hence the reason…

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